Security Vision

InGuardians, Inc is a vendor-independent Information Security Consultancy based in Washington D.C. Our experts lead the industry in security auditing, penetration testing, forensics, Incident Response and Architecture Review.

InGuardians offers complete security solutions for the global market. Whether you are a CIO or Director of Security, a government agency, or a corporation needing Assessment, Response, or Mitigation Services, our team of InGuardians stands ready to serve.

Risk Assessment

InGuardians offers penetration tests, security risk assessments and audits custom tailored to the needs of the client, including the following areas:

Network Security Architecture Review
Network Penetration Tests & Assessments
Web Application Penetration Tests & Assessments
Wireless Network Penetration Tests & Assessments
Physical Security Assessments & Penetration Tests
No-holds-barred Penetration test
Code Review

Incident Response

InGuardians offers rapid, effective, and discrete incident response services. These services include:
Incident Response
Computer and Network Forensics
Expert Witness

Threat Mitigation

InGuardians ARM™ Threat Mitigation Service provides best of industry solutions.
Firewall Deployment
IDS Rollout
OS Hardening
Security Policy


InGuardians' CTO/COO Jay Beale's Def Con 24 SELinux Primer
August 5, 2016
Jay Beale will give a talk in the Packet Capture Village at Def Con 24, entitled "Adding Ramparts to Your Bastille An Introduction to SELinux Hardening." You can find the slides here.
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InGuardians' Senior Security Analyst Tyler Robinson to Speak at BlackHat 2016
August 4, 2016
Tyler Robinson will speak at BlackHat on Thursday, August 4th, in a panel entitled "Choosing the Right Vector For Online Attack". You'll get a look at some of the latest thinking about network exploits, mobile exploits, and application-oriented attacks, all provided in a way that helps you select the most effective methods for your penetration tests.
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InGuardians' CTO/COO Jay Beale and Director of Research Larry Pesce speak at Def Con 24
August 6, 2016
Jay Beale and Larry Pesce will speak at Def Con on Saturday, August 6th, in a talk entitled "Phishing without Failure and Frustration." They'll share stories of their and others' experiences, and how they eventually stopped feeling frustrated, learned to handle the communication and negotiation, and produced successful phishing campaigns that hardened organizations at the human layer, and made life harder for the bad actors. The slides are here.
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InGuardians' CTO/COO Jay Beale keynotes Educause 2016 in Seattle
April 20, 2016
Jay Beale spoke about trends in public compromises, showing how to detect a compromise more quickly. #HigherSignalToNoise Find the slides here.
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InGuardians' President Mike Poor keynotes SANS Security East 2016 in New Orleans
January 26, 2016
Mike Poor presented a State of the Industry look into theft and exposure of huge data sets of PII and PEI (personally embarrassing and exposing information). Find the slides here.
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January 17, 2016
InGuardians' CTO/COO Jay Beale presents at ShmooCon 2016
InGuardians presented Containing an Attack with Linux Containers and AppArmor/SELinux today at ShmooCon. Find the slides here.
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InGuardians is sponsoring SANS Pen Test HackFest.
Larry Pesce, Director of Research, will speak three times over this two day event. Jay Beale and Mike Poor will deliver a talk on evading detection (slides here), where they will discuss work by Adam Crompton, Tyler Robinson, and John Sawyer including the Puppet Master C2 framework. The framework's powershell files will be distributed via GitHub or sent upon request. Come to all four talks and come meet team members Jimmy Alderson, Mike Poor, Jay Beale and Larry Pesce at the booth or at the special event.
November 16, 2015
InGuardians own Larry Pesce on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss the possible reality of Ted Koppel's new book "Lights Out", this Sunday, 11/1.
November 1, 2015
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Jay Beale presented at Raleigh B-Sides on Using Linux Containers to Jail Programs -Slides HERE
October 9, 2015
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Jay Beale presented at the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium's Portland conference on Using Linux Containers to Jail Programs -Slides HERE
September 29, 2015
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Adam Crompton and Larry Pesce will be teaching and presenting at DerbyCon 5.0
September 23-27, 2015
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Mike Poor presented the Keynote at SANS Rocky Mountain. Download the slides:
Who's Watching the Watchers
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Don C Weber presented atRSA Conference 2015 in the ICS Village and RSA Sandbox
April April 20-24 - San Francisco
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John H Sawyer taught Go Hack Yourself at Interop Las Vegas 2015
April 27 - Las Vegas
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DerbyCon 5.0
Adam Crompton teaching "PenTesting with PowerShell" with Mick Douglas
September 23-24, 2015
Louisville, KY

DerbyCon 5.0
Larry Pesce presenting "My password cracking brings all the hashes to the yard"
September 27, 2015
Louisville, KY

SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2014
Mike Poor teaches SANS SECURITY 503 - Intrusion Detection In-Depth
Dec 10 - 19, 2014
Washington, DC

SANS Security East 2015
Mike Poor teaches SANS SECURITY 503 - Intrusion Detection In-Depth
Jan 16 - 21, 2015
New Orleans, LA

10th Annual ICS Security Summit
Don C. Weber teaches "Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems"
Feb 23 - Mar 2, 2015
Orlando, FL