ReadTeam Engagements

Red Teaming is mission-oriented, adversarial threat emulation designed to test an organization's readiness to withstand and detect a targeted attack. The InGuardians Red Team assessment combines decades of deep technical knowledge with bleeding edge tactics to deliver insight into a business' true risk. Attackers compromise organizations, exfiltrate their data, all while going completely undetected. Employees grant the attackers a foothold, falling victim to phishing, drive-by-downloads, social engineering, or physical attacks. The attacker maintains persistent and stealthy access to the company’s internal network , but this is just the beginning. Attackers use this access, then pivot to other systems mercilessly.
Red Teaming is different than penetration testing. A penetration test is typically a focused vulnerability assessment coupled with exploitation. Red Teaming at InGuardians involves mission-oriented operations, team collaboration, and multi-vector chained attacks, custom-tailored to deliver a cutting-edge adversarial emulation assessment.
InGuardians defines the mission during each Red Team engagement to emulate the specific threats facing the organization or its industry. Red Team missions are often unhindered in scope, applying to all attack vectors, from physical and social engineering to network and application exploitation. Red Team operations can last for several weeks to months. Some organizations even utilize multi-year engagements.
Critical to a Red Team engagement, the team collaborates using multi-vector, chained attacks. Put simply: multiple actors, exploiting and chaining different attack paths, collaborating to use any and all means to accomplish the mission. The InGuardians approach directly models the most lethal threats organizations face today by cyber-criminals, hacktivisits and advanced persistent threats (APT).
Acting as one unit, as one operation, the InGuardians Red Team leads within the industry at emulating and conducting covert, stealthy operations. InGuardians Red Team develops and conducts its operations using Tools, Tactics, and Procedures (TTP’s) that mimic today's sophisticated attackers.
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