ICS and IIoT Services

InGuardians Utilisec team brings decades of deep technical and executive experience to bear on ICS and Smart Grid projects. Our experience ranges from low-level hardware analysis to national policy development. InGuardians Utilisec Team members have built the tools, developed the methodologies, and delivered the training that our industry uses to test ICS environments. Our core services in ICS are hardware analysis, security architecture reviews, and custom training.

The services below are a subset of what InGuardians can do for your organization.

Custom Training
For over eighteen years, InGuardians trainers have set the standard for excellence in the information security industry.  We have helped author and deliver some of the most popular courses at The SANS Institute, Black Hat, Cansec, Interop, RSA, IDA, Distributech, and on-site for private customers.  Contact us to get started on creating a customized training experience for your team.
Security Architecture Review
The threat landscape facing organizations today requires a defensible architecture complete with preventative controls and detailed monitoring capabilities.  InGuardians security architecture services leverage IEC 62443, NIST 800-82, NIST 800-53, and NIST CSF to help your team defend your enclave, deter threats, and dominate your control networks.  InGuardians is also an expert at identifying secure remote access solutions to keep your remote operations as resilient as possible to malicious breach.
Hardware Assessments
InGuardians leads the industry in defining best practices for testing and deploying network-connected devices.  InGuardians’ Utilisec team of hardware hackers brings over a decade of experience assessing securing Industrial Control System controllers, field devices, and the Internet of Things devices.  Contact us to test your hardware devices before you deploy them or integrate them into your solution.
Internal Assessments
The old adage “hard and crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle” was never more true than with ICS networks.  InGuardians is expert at leveraging IEC62443’s cybersecurity enhanced Purdue model to identify techniques and methods to make your soft and chewy middle much less soft and chewy, with a strong emphasis on having no negative impacts on the safety and reliability of your processes.
Product Review
InGuardians excels at assisting ICS customers to identify, review, and test security defenses in new products during solution acquisition, FAT, and SAT testing.  This includes such systems as master servers, historians, HMIs, controllers, and field devices.
Wireless Assessments
Wireless comes in many more flavors than WiFi and Bluetooth, especially in ICS and IoT solutions.  InGuardians has helped create the industry’s methodology for performing audits to discover deployed wireless solutions and assessing those wireless networks for security vulnerabilities, regardless of wireless protocols used, standard-based or proprietary.
Incident Response
It is no longer a question of if, but when you will be breached.  Most organizations are ill-equipped to handle their own breach investigations.  During the past eighteen years, InGuardians has helped over one hundred Fortune 1000 companies recover from serious compromises.  The process of containing the breach and eradicating the attackers’ access is often a daunting one. InGuardians Incident Response Team has the experience to help your organization recover.
Press and Speaking

InGuardians subject matter experts are available for press and public speaking opportunities.  We write, we teach, we do.

Contact press@inguardians.com