Past Webinars

December 19,  12PM PST / 3PM EST

inguardians infosec predictions for 2020

InGuardians Offensive Security Team

November 21,  12PM PST / 3PM EST

Ghost in the networks

Bob Hillery, Chief Operations Officer, CRO, InGuardians

What happens when there are more accounts, and more devices, on a network than anyone knows?
Looking at when clients and consultants are not the only players.

October 24,  12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

The Backup Operators Guide To The Galaxy

Dave Mayer, Head of the Red Team Operations & Senior Security Consultant, InGuardians

Backup Operator accounts are ubiquitous and often overlooked by both blue and red teams. These accounts have abusable permissions and are rarely maintained properly. In this talk we will examine and demonstrate novel techniques to stealthily compromise Active Directory through the Backup Operator’s account. We will use the Backup Operator account to gain local Admin privilege, establish persistence, and pivot laterally throughout a domain. However, all is not lost in that we can further lockdown our systems and enable auditing measures to deter and detect these attacks.

September 26,  12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

Incident Response: An Executive Primer

Jimmy Alderson, CEO, InGuardians

In this webinar we will discuss the importance of proper Incident Response planning – what steps to take before, during, and after the breach. We will aslo talk about roles and responsibilities for the Incident Response Team and the Executives.

August 29,  12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

Linux Attack And Defend Episode 9: Sneakers

Jay Beale, CTO, Principal Security Consultant and Chairman, InGuardians

July 25,  12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

Purple Team Primer

Rob CurtinSeufert, Senior Security Consultant, InGuardians

– Purple Team definition

– Purple Team Assessment and Training at InGuardians

– What to expect and how to prepare

– What to look for in choosing your next Purple Team Assessment and Training provider

June 27,  12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

Packet Ninjutsu

Mike Poor

Packet ninja Mike Poor will discuss tools, techniques and tips for packet creation, slinging, capture and analysis.

May 30 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

Red Team Primer For Executives

InGuardians Offensive Security Team

Join us for a primer on Red Team Penetration Testing.  InGuardians Offensive Services Team will discuss what is a red team pentest, what clients should be considering when preparing one, and what to expect to learn from the results.

April 18 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

scanners, tunnels, and sims, oh my!

Justin Searle, Director of ICS Security, InGuardians

When it comes to testing and analyzing ICS communications in your lab, what’s even better than getting your hands on tools from your engineers? Easy. Having your own set of tools – available for free, customized for your current needs, and extendable for your future needs. Welcome to the Control Things Tools project! Born out of the Control Things Platform, a Kali-esque distribution for ICS professionals, Control Things Tools attempts to bring these customizable tools directly to you. This project consists of a separate but similar tool for each protocol and/or technology layer, complete with a simple-to-use python library for you to make (or contribute) your own such tools. Join us to explore the public release of the first series of these Control Things Tools: cti2c, ctspi, ctserial, ctip, ctmodbus, ctvelocio, and the python library that provides the command-line and graphical interfaces for these tools.

March 28 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT

Hacking and Hardening kubernetes

Jay Beale, CTO at InGuardians

With microservices’ rise, Kubernetes gain adopters every day. It’s time for information security specialists to learn how to attack and defend container orchestration systems. This webinar will demonstrate attacks on Kubernetes clusters, then defenses that break those attacks.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how to attack Kubernetes and other container orchestration platforms.
2: Understand how to defend Kubernetes, at a deep, hands-on level.
3: Understand the Kubernetes attack surface and security features and those of Linux/Docker containers.

February 21 12PM PST / 3PM EST

All Your copy/paste are belong to us

Adam Crompton, Senior Security Consultant, InGuardians

The clipboard functionality of modern operating systems has been around for decades, implemented to provide the ability to take a bunch of 1’s and 0’s and store them somewhere temporarily with ease.  In more common parlance, we know this as the functionality of Copy/Paste, or CTRL-C/CTRL-V.  In this relationship, the clipboard is the temporary storage for the items picked up by the copy operation, later to be retrieved by the paste operation.  

The intent of this webinar is not to go on about clipboard functionality, but to make viewers aware of the evil that comes with the functionality.

Our Senior Security Consultant Adam Crompton will share some interesting finds, along with demos in this LIVE webinar!

January 31 12PM PST / 3PM EST

software defined radio: with even more awesome

Larry Pesce, Director of Research, InGuardians

This month, Larry Pesce, our Director of Research, will lead a discussion about Software Defined Radio platforms. In this webinar, you’ll examine a few interesting software packages (with demos) to begin your exploration of the RF spectrum.  You’ll also discuss what the advent of SDR can do to change the landscape for C&C, data exfiltration and information gathering.